Financial Management Services


Action Community Management is a Full Service Management Company that wants to help you enhance the value of your home and your community.

  • Assist the client prepare the annual budget.
  • Prepare a mailing to all owners of the approved budget if requested.
  • Prepare and submit a Year to Date Budget vs Actual Income and Expense on a monthly basis as part of the financial report to the Board.
  • Prepare and maintain financial books.
  • Prepare a summary of all receipts and disbursements for the month.
  • Receive, review and approve vendor invoices and other bills, and prepare checks for payment and subsequent mailing.
  • Collect all assessments as they become due and payable, deposit all cash receipts into the Clients bank accounts, maintained at a FDIC insured backing institution.
  • Maintain a record of homeowner dues and receipts, and provide the client with a monthly delinquency report. Send out monthly late notices.
  • Action Community Management’s Easy Collect helps communities discover the delinquency quickly and resolve it at a minimum cost to the delinquent owner and no cost or risk to the association and the good paying owners.
  • Assist the clients legal counsel, as necessary, to initiate required legal action consists with the Association By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.


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