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Somerset Paint Colors


We have exciting news! The Board of Directors have pre-approved color schemes for the exterior of the homes in the community. If you choose to get one of these colors you DO NOT have to submit for approval, however, you will need to submit an ARC request to have your request on file. All you will need to do is submit your ARC via email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Color Name and Number (as it shows on the color swatches)

This information needs to be included in the ARC request and submitted to Jeff Hope at Action Community via email to keep your request on file when the request was made.


If you are painting your home with any other color not pre-approved you have to submit your ARC request and wait for the approval.  As your color scheme is needing to be reviewed prior to granting approval on your request.


By providing the community with the pre-approved swatches, and having specific color schemes already pre-approved, this will help with approving submitted requests more timely.

(Please see attachment for the pre-approved colors)