Homeowners and Business Owners have many options when it comes to paying assessments.  Please choose the option that works best for you.  We accept payments through the website, through your own bank bill pay and by regular check or money orders to our processing center.  Please note that processing fees apply if using the website. If you are looking for a NO FEE option to make monthly or quarterly payments please consider our ACH option. You may always contact us for further information at 770-222-5955 or [email protected].



Only your account number is needed.                   Full login requires an email on file.  Please contact our office if the account will not create.


Associated Fees for On-line Payments

Please note that these fees belong to the process server and not the HOA.  All web payments are applied immediately to your account.

Credit or Debit Card Payments: % of your payment  (Roughly 3.59%.  May vary, please review before processing.) 

E-Check Payments: Flat $2.95 charge


Processing center address to mail a payment or setting up on-line bill pay

Make Payable to your association and include your account number with all payments. Sent directly to the bank.

Your Association

P.O. Box 621145

Orlando, FL   32862-1145